JLE Committees

Each active member is assigned a committee seat that lasts a minimum of one
year. The emphasis on JLE placement is on the development of the member as an individual as well as balancing her need with those of the League. Please refer to the following pages which outline the Junior League of Eugene Committees.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the activities and property affairs of the Junior League of Eugene, emphasizing strategic and proactive leadership. The Board sets and revises governing policies and ensures the alignment of the JLE mission and vision at all levels of the organization through policy administration, financial management, strategic planning, operational continuity, and public relations.

  • Emily Secord
  • Amy Londahl
    President Elect
  • Heidi Kendall
  • Kristy Langworthy
  • Kayla Enos
    Community V.P.
  • Brittany Quick-Warner
    V.P. Communications
  • Jen Henrickson
    Membership V.P.
  • Erin Schindler
    Finance V.P.


This group of women accomplish and maintain effective communications both internally and externally. They work in close collaboration with the Communications Vice President to organize and maintain a PR/ Marketing plan for promoting all projects and fundraisers. They develop effective and efficient ways to communicate information to members as well as obtain member input and feedback.

Regular activities include: preparing and sending weekly eblasts, monitoring and updating the JLE website and assisting committees when they are designing and producing materials for promotion while ensuring a consistent message to the public.

The Community Enrichment Committee works collaboratively with community partners to assess the needs within the community and the resources required to meet those needs. The community also evaluates if and how the Junior League of Eugene can assist based on the knowledge of JLE’s resources and strengths.

This group will explore opportunities for JLE to increase community awareness and advocate strengthening the systems within the community. The focus of the group is to identify, develop, and manage projects and events that allow Junior League of Eugene to support and engage the community.

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to recruit and train new members of Junior League of Eugene. They will train new members on the JLE mission, structure, governance, operations, and community outreach projects (past and present).

The Membership Committee is also charged with planning and hosting new member social events and conducting ongoing membership recruitment. Most importantly, this committee will support and encourage new members to participate in JLE activities and help them find their place as an active JLE member.

The Nominating and Placement Committee coordinates the selection of new board members, committee chairs, and new committee placements. The members of the committee locates various conference and training opportunities and determines whether JLE should participate in those opportunities.

The committee coordinates members to serve as delegates for regional and national AJLI trainings and conferences. The placement of active members is the responsibility of this committee. They interview all active members regularly and maintain all membership records, along with handling all aspects of Membership Placement.

The Training and Events Committee meets the training needs of the League within our community. They develop and coordinate JLE trainings and workshops. This committee makes arrangements for speakers and trainers at General Meetings, which this committee coordinates. They are responsible for scheduling a venue, planning and arranging food and drink, as well as ensuring the appropriate technology equipment is provided. The committee plans and assists with all of the JLE social events, including June Dinner. They also coordinate bimonthly JLE socials.

Fundraising Event Planning (FEP) is the facilitating committee for all major fundraising events. They may also coordinate several smaller fundraising initiatives throughout the year. The Bowl Bound Raffle has been a successful fundraiser for JLE since 2012, which is the sale of tickets for the chance of winning the grand prize of $2,500 and two tickets to the bowl game that the University of Oregon attends, should they be invited to play. Tickets are $5.00 each.

2016-17 Committee Placements


Chair – Kendra Plueard

Members – Britt Eckhart, Shannon Lee, Shay Burnett

Nominating & Placement

Co-Chairs – Rosey Gording, Valerie Sharr

Members – Jill Ritchie, Tate Kelley, Heather Schoenburger

Community Enrichment

Co-Chairs – Kate Widmer, Barbie Walker

Members – Hannah Hibbard, Randi Bowers-Payne, Nicole Akins, Julie Nowaki, Monika Henry, Marie Kamfer, Melissa Jackson, Crystal Leahy, Lindsay Martinez, Natalie O’Dell, Megan Myrmo

Training & Events

Chair Marissa Ooyevaar

Members – Angela Feist, Natalie Almon, Juliann Johnston, Lindsay Johnston, Caroline Wolfram


Co-Chairs – Rebekah Nelson, Kateigh Williams

Members – Linzy Munger, Jackie Bratland, Samantha Doyle, Lynne Paulson

Fundraising & Event Planning

Chair – Emily Looney

Members – Christine Beldner, Amy Hendrix, Rachel Whipple, Katelyn Yakel, Aubrea McNamara, Kim Pate
Rebecca Kelly (Cookbook)