Community Impact

JLE Community Enrichment Committee 

Serving Our Community’s At-Risk Youth

JL Eugene’s direct community service projects work to serve at-risk youth in our community and are specifically focused on homeless youth and victims of human trafficking.

We are deeply committed to making an impact in our community through effective partnerships, innovative programs, and necessary financial support. JL Eugene women serve thousands of hours ever year on behalf of at-risk youth in our community, among the service they also contribute to outside nonprofits and community organizations as well.

JLE is working on several community initiatives to impact the lives of at-risk youth and to eliminate human trafficking in our community. Learn more about the programs and activities we are working on below.

Movie Nights

Community Enrichment Committee will improve our community by increasing public awareness of human trafficking by hosting in-home and public movie nights.  In-home and public movie events will show the Junior League of Portland’s video documentary of human sex trafficking entitled, “Waiting for the Light.”  JLE will ensure that topic experts will be available at public events to answer questions and provide community resources.  This public outlet is a great way for the Junior League of Eugene to not only educate its community population about human trafficking but also to build and maintain community partnerships.  A strong, united, well-educated community can drastically reduce the risk of our youth falling victim to human trafficking.

Community and School Presentations

Community Enrichment is committed to increasing community awareness and education of human trafficking in Lane County.  Educating our educators is critical.  Our goal is to present a JLE power point presentation to as many people that have daily contact with school aged children as possible.  Our list includes and is not limited to teachers, administrators, councilors, facilitators, maintenance workers, bus drivers, PTO’s, hotel managers, mall or retail store managers, hospital employees, foster parents, etc.  Our hope is that the more community members become aware of the human trafficking dangers our youth face in our very own community the more outreach, education, support and ultimately prevention will occur.


In September 2015, the Junior League of Eugene began collecting items during their monthly general membership meetings to benefit organizations in the community in need of donations. This has become an important and significant way of furthering our mission and helping those in need. JLE has many existing partnerships in the community that have benefited from our work throughout the years and this program is a tangible way to maintain our connections as well as make new partnerships with even more organizations that are as equally committed to supporting at risk youth in Lane County as the Junior League of Eugene.

4J ID Program

In the spring of 2016, the Junior League of Eugene began collaborating with 4J School District to develop a check list for obtaining an Oregon Identification card (issued by the DMV). Proper identification is a necessity, especially for teens and young adults. Identification is needed to get a job, open a bank account, and perhaps most importantly, to take the G.E. D. test.  The program is available for select students enrolled within the 4J School system. The main objective is to facilitate a pathway to obtaining an ID card for students that might not otherwise be able to navigate the complex system.  The long-term goal is to create a self-sustaining program within 4J in partnership with the 15th Night.

15th Night of Eugene 

The Junior League of Eugene is an official partner of The 15th Night of Eugene. The 15th Night is a broad community partnership designed to prevent youth from running away or “hitting the street” and to intervene quickly if they do. 15th Night is aligning itself with existing community resources in innovative ways:  partnering with an existing 501©3, OSLC Development, Inc. OSLC will provide coordination, management, financial oversight and evaluation.

Our city’s youth are at the heart of The 15th Night’s approach. “Nothing about them without them” is the motto. They have an active Youth Advisory Council (YAC) whose members are currently homeless, or are transitioning away from homelessness, as well as youth who have never been homeless but want to help their fellow peers.

The goals and measurable outcomes for the 15th Night are:

  • Launch a powerful sustainable public awareness and education campaign about homeless youth by engaging the community in meaningful and creative ways to achieve success.
  • To have pledged providers, community members and businesses that can provide resources or services to meet the individual, immediate and stabilizing needs of each youth through a navigator type role.
  • The navigator will assist youth while accessing and engaging in services. Additionally, they will act as a guide, mentor and advocate.
  • Empowering and mobilizing youth to create a caring culture in schools and community by raising awareness of the challenges faced by youth who are experiencing homelessness, the dangers of living on the streets and where to find help before or after they end up on the street.
  • To establish and promote a 24hr/day “Rapid Access Network”. This network would be an access point for youth, and the community, to find help and receive immediate help if necessary via a hotline, mobile app, website or text message.


The Eugene Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation of Youth (ECASEY) is a joint venture of some of our communities most prominent youth service based organizations. As one of many founding members, The Junior League of Eugene has partnered with Springfield Public Schools, Beth School District, Eugene 4J School District, the Lane County District Attorney’s office, the City of Eugene, Looking Glass, Kids’ First, and others, to help fight the epidemic of child sex trafficking in Lane County. The organization seeks to pool the resources of the countless youth advocate institutions locally, and rapidly connect advocates and providers with the at risk youth they seek to help serve.

Since it’s formation in 2015, ECASEY has hosted numerous workshops and informational gatherings. These workshops have included impactful trainings hosted by the FBI (which seek to train local groups about the trafficking issue in Oregon) as well as a reoccurring “Teens and Technology Night” which educates our community about the ever-growing dangers of technology (and what parents can do keep their children safe). As ECASEY continues to gain traction, educate and advocate within our community, JLE is dedicated to continuing to support and assist the group in whatever ways we may be impactful. We are honored to call ourselves one of the groups founding members, and we look forward to helping grow the organization with the end of goal of ending human trafficking in Lane County.

Hope Ranch

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State Political Action Committee (SPAC)

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