Oregon ID Program

The last couple of months the Junior League Community Enrichment team along with the 2015-2016 Board has been working closely with 4J’s ECCO HS at Lane Community College to establish the Oregon ID Card Program for the unaccompanied minors in our school system.

The Oregon ID Card Program was a direct request from Megan Schultz of Transformational Community Alignment, The 15th Night and Julia Johnson of 4J School District. Naturally, JLE recognized the importance of this request and the wonderful direct impact it could provide for these youth and stepped right up to the challenge.

Although obtaining an ID card might seem like a simple task there can be many hiccups for a teenager to overcome. Lack of a permanent home address, trouble locating vital records, and funding the $44.50 fee for an Oregon ID are all major obstacles for teens who do not have the benefit of an involved parent.

Being turned away at every counter when it took so much to get that that counter in the first place is a strong enough deterrent for our youth to just quit and not try again.

Legal identification is required for numerous activities: Taking a GED test, proving legal status for a new job and opening a bank account…just to name a few!

Community Enrichment will be introducing this direct volunteer project to membership at the next general meeting. We look forward to including all interested members in this important and rewarding work.

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